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Wastegate Actuator

  • Controls the opening and closing of the wastegate valve to prevent the boost pressure in a turbo charger from exceeding critical pressure.
  • Applications include turbochargers used with a downsized engine intended for improved fuel efficiency


This Wastegate Actuator, with good hysteresis characteristics, handles vibrations from weak (100 m/s^2) to strong (300 m/s^2).
For strong vibration, our products feature highly durable material and surface treatment on their bearings and rod.

Different sets of diaphragm and spring materials are used depend on operating temperature.

The link pin is made of a heat-treated special material of high quality to guarantee its wear resistance.

This wastegate actuator is highly responsive at low temperatures (due to the use of a diaphragm with high responsiveness at low temperatures).

Product specification example

Pressure 139 kPa max.
Temperature -40 to 150ºC
Working pressure 50 to 120 kPa (at 2 mm stroke)
Stroke 5 mm max.
Pressure resistance 700 kPa
Vibration durability 300 m/sˆ2 for 3×10ˆ7 cycles
Thermal shock durability -40 to 150ºC for 20 cycles
High-temperature operation endurance 150ºC for 10ˆ6 cycles

Note: The above figures show some examples. Contact us when you are considering making a purchase.


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