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Social media policy & term of use

Social Media Policy

Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. and its group companies (“Eagle Industry”) have established and comply with the “Eagle Industry Social Media Policy” regarding the operation of official social media accounts and the participation of the Eagle Industry Group employees in social media.

  1. Purposes of Participation in Social Media
    Eagle Industry seeks to disseminate information concerning Eagle Industry through social media and to engage in dialogue with stakeholders with the aim of becoming a company that all stakeholders can be proud of. Specifically, participation in social media has the following objectives:
    1. To make Eagle Industry’s products and services and activities known to as many stakeholders as possible
    2. To raise stakeholder satisfaction and enhance confidence in the Eagle Industry Group and its brand value
  2. Stance concerning Participation in Social Media
    Eagle Industry participates in social media as a sensible participant and with an attitude of restraint with the understanding that social media are forums for communication with stakeholders, that social media is widely open to the world, and that once information is posted it becomes broadly disseminated around the world and can never be entirely deleted.
    1. All Eagle Industry employees, regardless of their organization or employment status, will comply with national and local laws and regulations as well as “Employee Compliance Guidelines”, “Employment Regulations”, “Policy” – the action standards for employees of Eagle Industry – and all other internal rules.
    2. We will pay attention to the content of the information that is posted and the manner in which it is distributed and make an effort to avoid the distribution of incorrect information or information that may be misunderstood by stakeholders.
    3. If incorrect information is distributed or misleading expressions are used, we will promptly correct the information or expressions.
    4. We will disseminate information and engage in dialogues as a sensible person.
    5. We will comply with the rules of each social media established and operated by third parties and respect the culture and manners of each social media.
    6. We will respect the rights of third parties such as intellectual property rights and privacy rights and take care not to harm the reputations of others.
  3. Things Required of All Eagle Industry Employees
    Eagle Industry has adopted “Social Media Terms of Use” that indicate its basic stance on employee participation in and general use of social media. Not only personnel responsible for managing Eagle Industry’s official accounts but also all employees are required to understand these terms of use and to engage in dialogue through social media with common sense and discretion.
  4. To All Social Media Users
    The information sent out on social media by our employees who operate official accounts does not necessarily represent our official announcements or opinions. Official announcements and opinions are posted on our website and news releases.

Social Media Terms of Use

  1. These Terms of Use stipulate the rules for using social networking services or social networking sites (hereinafter “Social Media”) operated by Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. and its group companies (hereinafter “Eagle Industry”).
  2. When using Social Media, users shall not perform the following acts (including acts that may cause such acts).
    1. Acts of infringing on the rights and interests of Eagle Industry, other users, or other third parties
    2. Acts of slandering or insulting Eagle Industry, other users or other third parties, or damaging their honor, credibility, privacy, etc. (including disclosing personally identifiable information such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or addresses of Eagle Industry, other users or other third parties), or interfering with business
    3. Acts of violating the Public Offices Election Act
    4. Acts of soliciting membership in religious groups and other groups / organizations
    5. Acts of soliciting investment, donations, funding, or purchase of goods or services
    6. Acts of introducing or soliciting the viewing of other websites that Eagle Industry deems inappropriate, or the act of using this service as a file download
    7. Acts of diverting information obtained through this service for commercial purposes
    8. Acts of using this service to send harmful programs or files such as viruses that interfere with the normal functioning of computer software or hardware to Eagle Industry, other users or other third parties
    9. Acts of posting information / contents that do not have the proper authority to be posted on this site
    10. Acts of interfering with the provision and use of this service by Eagle Industry, other users or other third parties
    11. Acts of accessing this site by illegal activities such as hacking, and acts of monitoring or duplicating all or part of this site
    12. Other acts of violating these Terms of Use, public order and morals, laws and regulations or penal regulations, or other acts that Eagle Industry deems inappropriate
  3. If a user of this service violates these Terms of Use, Eagle Industry may delete the posting by such user or restrict the use of this service by such user, and the user shall not object to such deletion or restriction.
  4. When the user of this service violates these Terms of Use or causes tangible or intangible damage to Eagle Industry, other users or other third parties in connection with the use of this service, such user shall compensate for such damage at their own responsibility and expense, try other solutions, and shall not cause any burden or trouble to Eagle Industry.
  5. Eagle Industry does not guarantee or approve the content of the information provided by users through this service. Therefore, Eagle Industry will not be liable for any damage or loss incurred by the user as a result of trusting the contents.
  6. All copyrights (including the rights stipulated in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act) of the information posted by the user through this service belong to Eagle Industry. In addition, the user shall not exercise their moral rights. The user has no right to claim compensation for the attribution or waiver of such rights.
  7. Eagle Industry reserves the right to change these Terms of Use without the consent of the user of this service. In this case, the changed Terms will naturally take effect when Eagle Industry publishes them on its website or by other means, and the changed Terms will be applied thereafter.
  8. The Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance over any disputes arising from the use of this service and these Terms of Use.

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