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The purpose of the ejector is to be able to purge gasoline vapors into turbo charged air intake manifolds. When a turbo is running, there is an overpressure in the air intake manifold, so no gas can be purged from the tank into the manifold. The ejector creates an underpressure and thus allows to purge the gasoline vapors.


Air flow from inlet to outlet causes a difference pressure within the purge port, which is connected to the purge system via the purge valve.

Petrol vapour will then be conveyed from carbon canister to the engine even under charged conditions.

Purge function is possible not only under vacuum but additionally under pressure generated by the turbo charger.

Product specification example

Material PA6.6
Temperature -40°C to 140°C
Internal resistance against Blow By, E22, E85, M15, M26, fuel ROZ95, fuel ROZ98, RSG E10
Flow rate within purge port under dp on inlet port

≥ 15 l/min @ dp = 20 hPa

≥ 68 l/min @ dp = 344 hPa

Mounting Sliding of rubber hoses or plastic pipes directly onto the valve nozzles.

Connection of venturi ejector with hoses or pipes per quick connectors possible.

Note: The above figures show some examples. Contact us when you are considering making a purchase.


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