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Metal Diaphragm Damper

  • Capsule shaped metal pulsation damper designed to absorb the pulsation of a high pressure fuel pump mounted on a fuel-efficient gasoline direct injection (GDI) system.
  • Reduces noise caused by fuel pulsation and prevents instantaneous pressure drops.
  • Eagle Industry’s proprietary technique is used to weld thin sheets while filling with gas. (Patented manufacturing process)


Metal diaphragm damper, the capsule shaped pulse dampener absorbs the fuel pulsation of the high-pressure fuel pump, reduces noise and prevents instantaneous pressure drops.

This product has a simple structure consisting of two thin springy metal diaphragms and with a gas filled inside. It is lightweight, space-saving, highly responsive and highly durable. This damper is usable even with fuel that contains sulfur or other ingredients not compatible with rubber dampers.

Eagle Industry offers the optimal geometry to meet specific characteristic requirements by conducting stress analyses based on pressure conditions.

Product specification example

Filling Pressure 0.6 MPa max.




outside diameter (OD) OD: up to 40
Height (H) H: up to 5
wall thickness (T) T: up to 0.25

Note: The above figures show some examples. Please contact us for more specifications or details.


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