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Quality Initiatives

Basic Stance

The EKK Group regards product quality problems as an existential threat because they lead to defective products in the hands of customers or end-users and, in turn, loss of stakeholders’ trust.
The Group has vowed to never allow even a single defective product to be shipped. Under the slogan “Eternal Zero,” it has been unremittingly striving since FY2016 to improve quality with the aim of maintaining a level of product quality that customers can rely on and guaranteeing the same quality level all over the world.

Quality Management Regime

To continuously provide products which satisfy customers, EKK strives to maintain and improve quality, and has built and makes use of an ISO 9001-based quality management system.

Quality Assurance Regime

Each year in response to the president’s policies, the Safety, Environment & Quality Control Office formulates quality policies, priority matters and quality targets which are then deployed by the EKK Group. In turn, business divisions formulate quality assurance action plans which are then deployed throughout the business divisions as well as to global subsidiaries under their jurisdiction.
The individual business division components and subsidiaries then incorporate concrete action plans for achieving the directed quality targets into their annual operational plans, with all components and subsidiaries engaging in activities to improve quality.
As part of deploying the quality policies, priority matters and quality targets, business division quality control (QC) managers regularly convene to hold a QC Manager Meeting. At QC Manager Meetings, quality managers review the state of implementation of quality assurance action plans as well as policy deployment. In addition, they also strive to ensure a uniform quality level across the entire EKK Group and to implement bottom-up management.
Each year, the president and upper management conduct on-site management assessments of business divisions and overseas production subsidiaries, and the Safety, Environment & Quality Control Office conducts quality patrols. The purpose is to check and review quality assurance activities and promote effective and continuous improvement.

Companies/Divisions Certified as Compliant with International Quality Standards

Company/division name Industry Standard Month certified
AI/CI Division, Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. Automobile/construction machinery
Nuclear power generation
ISO9001 May 1999
IATF16949 March 2018
Marine Division, Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. Marine ISO9001 March 1994
Aerospace Division, Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. Aerospace JIS Q9100
(including ISO9001)
April 2004
ESM Company Semiconductors ISO9001 June 2020
Niigata Plant, EagleBurgmann Japan Co., Ltd. General machinery ISO9001 March 1999
Eagle Highcast Co., Ltd. Marine (casting) ISO9001 November 2001

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