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Metal Static Seal

  • 標準寸法 外径φ10~100
  • 製品断面
  • Seals for high-temperature to cryogenic environments, such as sections close to exhaust gas
  • Provides high sealing performance with low tightening loads due to springiness not exhibited by metal O-rings.
  • Suitable for mass production since metal seals are press-molded.


Metal seals meet the need for high-temperature, cryogenic and high-pressure applications where rubber gaskets are not usable. They are used under severe conditions, as in sections close to exhaust gas.

Elasticity produced by a C-shaped cross section and the equipment pressure that works from within the C shape to expand pressure surfaces maintain the sealing characteristics (self-following), ensuring sealing performance stably at high pressures. The clamp load required for metal seals is not more than half that for metal O-rings. This contributes to improved ease of assembly, reduced loading on flanges and enhancing weight reduction.

Metal seals are suitable for mass production since they are press-molded. With no seams such as those caused by welding, they provides stable sealing performance.

Product specification example

Sealed fluid Various high-temperature/cryogenic gases and liquids such as combustion gases and liquefied fuels
Temperature -200ºC to 650ºC
Pressure Vacuum to 80 MPa

Base metal: Inconel, etc.

Surface coating: silver, etc. (plating)


outside diameter (OD), height (H) and thickness (T) (mm)

OD: up to 115

H: up to 3.2

T: up to 0.4

Note: The above figures show some examples. Contact us when you are considering making a purchase.


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