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Check Valve

  • The check valve is used in charged engines.
  • The check valve has to prevent this an over-pressure in the carbon canister and the tank that may be caused by an over-pressure coming from the manifold.


Special valve requirements:

  • low pressure losses while air flow through the valve
  • no adhesion of the diaphragm due to sticking effects
  • low leakage rate while dp working in closing direction

Product specification example

Material PA6.6
Temperature range  -40°C to 140°C
Internal resistance against Blow By, E22, E85, M15, M26, fuel ROZ95, fuel ROZ98, RSG E10
External leakage < 0,67ml/min
Opening pressure dp< 5hPa

Note: The above figures show some examples. Contact us when you are considering making a purchase.


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