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VG Turbocharger Actuator

  • Controls the opening/closing of the nozzle for variable geometry turbocharger.
  • Controls the nozzle opening angle according to rotation level to improve high torque at low speed, fuel efficiency, and acceleration performance.


A heat shield plate and bush made of a highly heat-resistant material are used to guarantee better high-temperature operation endurance.

Product specification example

Pressure -80 kPa min.
Temperature -40 to 150ºC
Stroke 15 mm max.
Vibration durability 300 m/sˆ2 for 3×10ˆ7 cycles
Thermal shock durability -40 to 150ºC for 20 cycles
High-temperature operation endurance 150ºC for 10ˆ6 cycles

Note: The above figures show some examples. Contact us when you are considering making a purchase.


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