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Our concepts of Sustainability

To become a company that is indispensable for industries around the world

Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture between NOK Corporation in Japan and Sealol in the United States in 1964. The firm has grown today into a global and public company with more than 100 subsidiaries and affiliates in Japan and overseas that manufacture mechanical seals and provide various services.

We aim to become an excellent mid-size company or a global integral company that is essential for all of our stakeholders as a solution provider of seal devices for wind-powered and hydraulic machinery in various industries.

In conducting business operations, we ensure that all employees in every corner of the Company understand and observe our belief that a company is the property of its shareholders, employees, and community.
Specifically, we regard the following activities as the top priority in our business: thorough implementation of compliance that places priority on observing various regulations, rules, and laws; environment-friendly operations from the standpoint of natural conservation; active contribution to environment preservation; strict management on occupational safety; and efforts to maintain the quality of our products.

We believe that ensuring all parties understand and observe the above activities will make the Company function as a good corporate citizen in society, help our employees feel proud of the Company and develop a sincere attitude toward their jobs, ensure the Company earns customers’ trust for its higher quality of work, and consequently enable the Company to secure fair profits, our greatest objective.

For these reasons, we will never sacrifice long-term profit for short-term gain nor provide products and services that could damage the environment, do not satisfy our quality requirements, or fail to live up to supply obligations, even if they are very profitable.
In other words, even if management is replaced and employees come and go, Eagle Industry will indefinitely continue to be a company that all of its stakeholders can be proud of and will help realize a better society by remaining a good company. This is our group’s wish or our concepts of CSR and Sustainability.

We would be grateful to receive your frank opinion and comments.

Tetsuji Tsuru,
Chairman of the Board and President, Representative Director
Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.

Relationship with stakeholders

A company is the property of its shareholders, employees, and community.
We aim to become a company that all of our stakeholders, which include customers, suppliers, and
financial institutions in addition to shareholders, employees, and the community, can always be proud of.

  • Customers

    • Supply high quality products that meet customer needs at reasonable costs, with effective delivery times, and in an appropriate manner..
    • Provide appropriate maintenance, repair, and other after-sales services for products delivered.
    • Act as a reliable partner with technical strength that supports new product development and expansion to new fields.
  • Shareholders

    • Increase corporate value in a steady manner.
    • Achieve and maintain a balance between dividends and internal reserves to strengthen our corporate standing and ensure appropriate dividend payments to shareholders with stability over the long term.
  • Suppliers

    • Deliver products and services in a reliable manner to earn appropriate compensation for them.
    • Increase technical capabilities and open new fields, or boost corporate reliability through transactions.
  • Financial Institutions

    • Carry out credit offerings and other financial transactions repeatedly and consistently to earn appropriate profits commensurate with risks..
    • Increase applications in financial trading through transactions and boost corporate credibility
  • Communities

    • Ensure stable tax payments and create job opportunities through sound corporate activities.
    • As a Group, develop extensive ties with communities and contribute to the revitalization of local communities.
    • Help to protect the environment through our products.
  • Employees

    • Enable employees to earn appropriate remuneration through their effort.
    • Contribute to communities through production activities.
    • Provide employees with opportunities to acquire the resources to achieve their goals at high levels and enjoy physical and mental wellbeing.
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