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Slurry Seal Floating Seal

Eagle Industry’s original mechanical seal based on the simple-is-best concept
This product helps minimize the installation space, and can be used in no flushing/no quenching structures.
All functions of a mechanical seal can be performed well through two main parts, which is packing and seal rings. This seal is easy for handling and less susceptible to trouble due to its simple design.
This mechanical seal is an optimum choice for handling high-density slurry, and is widely used in vertical pumps, muddy water pumps, and slurry pumps for sewage, etc.


  • Applicable to no flushing/no quenching systems
  • Simple structure consisting of two main parts. Quickly installable and removable.
  • Packing ensures sealing functions; rubber elasticity used to provide a spring force; rubber friction ensures anti-rotation. Equipment vibration completely absorbed by the packing’s buffering function.
  • Ensures good operation for extended periods because the structure does not allow solids build-up. Silicon carbide (characterized by superb wear resistance) used as the sliding material to ensure good performance for sealed liquids containing large amounts of solids.
  • Notch in the rear end of the seal ring engages with the drive pin to reliably achieve anti-rotation
  • Simple housing structure to reduce the machining cost
  • Installation dimensions reducible to the minimum
  • Can be adopted under positive pressure or under back pressure

Product specification example

Operating range

Pressure: 5 bar (73 PSI)
Temperature: 0 ºC to 120 ºC (32 ⁰F to 248⁰F)

* Cooling by quenching required when the temperature is 60ºC (140 ⁰F) or higher
Sliding velocity: 10 m/s (33 ft/s)
Solids content: 60 wt%

Seal liquids

High-concentration slurry liquids

Main applications

Vertical pumps, muddy water pumps, slurry pumps (for sewage), slurry pumps for flue-gas desulfurization, etc.

Applicable ranges shown in the product introduction are limit values for each standard material.
Applicable ranges, performance data and figures can serve only as a guide for selection and therefore in actual use there will be some cases where general specifications cannot be applied due to unknown factors or constraints.
Please check the applicability before use.
The contents are subject to change without notice for improvement.


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