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Canister Purge Valve



- The canister purge valve controls the flow of the gasoline vapor into the engine.


The original application for purge is to avoid emission of gasoline vapor out of the gasoline tank. Nowadays this vapor is captured by a carbon canister. The function of the valve is to control the purge flow which discharges the carbon canister content.


The valve gets installed in the engine compartment. As a solenoid valve it is closed when the engine is turned off. The functionality of the canister purge valve is controlled by the engine control unit according to the current engine load, and the driving signal is based on pulse wide modulation with variation of the duty cycle.

The purge flow is the result of the pressure difference between the intake manifold and the atmosphere side of the carbon canister, when the valve is opened by the duty cycle.


With the presented purge valve the customer receives both benefits, a smooth start of the flow curve and a high max flow.

Product specification example

Material PA6.6
Temperature  -40°C to 140°C
Internal resistance against Blow By, E22, E85, M15, M26, fuel ROZ95, fuel ROZ98, RSG E10
Flow rate up to 10kg/h
Pressure difference more than 700 hPa are possible

Note: The above figures indicate the best conditions in individual cases and may differ according to the seal size. Consult us before use.

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