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EKK Occupational Health and Safety Policies

Basic Group Safety Principle

Safety is not only fundamental to management that respects human dignity but also a personal desire and mission of all Group personnel.

Basic concept

Based on its Basic Group Safety Principle, the EKK Group fosters physically and mentally healthy human resources brimming with vitality and conducts occupational health and safety activities that tap into an occupational health and safety management system mindset to realize comfortable, accident-free workplaces that offer career fulfillment.

Activity Policy

  1. Appropriately identify and assess hazards associated with business activities and reduce material risks with the participation and cooperation of all employees.
  2. Set occupational health and safety targets and pursue better performance through continuous improvement.
  3. Comply with laws, regulations and consensual requirements such as industry guidelines and directives.
  4. Respect active discussion in the workplace, recognizing that good communication is integral to occupational health and safety.
  5. Provide education and training required to ensure occupational health and safety while raising employees’ consciousness to promote universal awareness of health and safety’s importance.
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