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Newly developed small seal unit for agitators
1. Compact design

  • Reduces the installation space
  • Mechanical seal arranged close to the bearing , substantially mitigating effects of shaft run-out on sealing performance
  • Structure that enables easy modification from conventional seals

2. Stationary type balanced seal

  • Low-heat generation design by reducing the sliding surface load
  • Low torque by reducing the sliding surface load
  • Stable performance by reducing the influence of heat transfer in the vessel

3. Using the common sliding materials for the rotating ring

  • Cuts the maintenance cost by reducing the number of consumable parts (e.g. sliding material, packing)


Simple structure

High-performance dual seal, inside type

Stationary type

Product specification example


Seal face (atmospheric side): Carbon graphite
Seal face (vessel side): Carbon graphite, Silicon carbide
Seat: Silicon carbide
Secondary seals: FKM (V) or FFKM (K)

Operating range

Pressure: FV to 10 bar (145 PSI)
Temperature: 200 ºC (392 ⁰F) max.
Shaft diameter: 25 mm to 180 mm (0.98″ to 7.09″)
Sliding velocity: 1 m/s (3.3 ft/s) max.

Main applications

Vertical agitator (top entry drives)

Applicable ranges shown in the product introduction are limit values for each standard material.
Applicable ranges, performance data and figures can serve only as a guide for selection and therefore in actual use there will be some cases where general specifications cannot be applied due to unknown factors or constraints.
Please check the applicability before use.
The contents are subject to change without notice for improvement.


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