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Metal Bellows Seal

  • For extreme temperature ranges
  • No dynamically loaded O-Ring
  • Self cleaning effect


  • For unstepped shafts
  • Rotating bellows
  • Single Seal
  • Balanced
  • Independent of direction of rotation

Product specification example

Standards and approvals

EN 12756


Seal face: Silicon carbide (Q12), Carbon graphite (A)
Seat: Silicon carbide (Q1)
Bellows: Inconel® 625 (T3)
Secondary seals: FKM (V)
Metal parts: Duplex (G1)

Operating range

Shaft diameter: d1 = 20 … 100 mm (0.75″ … 4″)
Pressure: p1 = … 25 (16*) bar ( …363 ( 232 * ) PSI )
Temperature: t = -40 °C … +220 ( 160 * ) °C ( -40 °F … 428 ( 320 * ) °F )
Sliding velocity: vg = 20 m/s (66 ft/s)

Viscosity : 1 Pas

Solids content: 0.5wt.%

* Operating limits for material combination Q1/Q1

Recommended applications

Process industry
Refining technology
Power plant technology
Chemical industry
Hot media
Cold media
Highly viscous media
Special rotating equipment

Applicable ranges shown in the product introduction are limit values for each standard material.
Applicable ranges, performance data and figures can serve only as a guide for selection and therefore in actual use there will be some cases where general specifications cannot be applied due to unknown factors or constraints.
Please check the applicability before use.
The contents are subject to change without notice for improvement.


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