Safety & Health, Environmental Policies

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Basic Principle for Safety

NOK Group Health and Safety basic concept
"Safety is the Basis for Management that Respects Human Dignity. My Desire, My Mission"

Basic Concept

Under the corporate philosophy based on feelings of Basic Principle for Safety of NOK Group in its employees, Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies will develop human resources who are both physically and mentally healthy. At the same time, we will advance an occupational health and safety management system and engage in related activities to create workplaces that are comfortable and motivating.

Activity Policy
  1. 1.With the participation and cooperation of all employees, we will appropriately identify and assess hazard sources related to our business activities and strive to reduce risks.
  2. 2.We will set occupational health and safety targets, under which we will strive to continuously, improve our performance.
  3. 3.We will comply with laws, local acts, and other regulations such as industry guidelines and principles.
  4. 4.Based on our understanding that occupational health and safety are ensured through good communication, we place importance on active discussion and mutual consultation among all employees.
  5. 5.We will provide education and training required for ensuring occupational health and safety, and take measures to raise employees' awareness of the importance of these issues.

1st May, 2018
Tetsuji Tsuru, President and CEO
Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.

Environmental Policy

Basic concept

Considering that a corporate is a part of society and Seal products, Precision products including valve and metal application product, and Accumulators manufactured by our company can contribute to the environment by preventing pollution and saving energy, Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies shall be aware that our activities, products, and services are deeply associated with the global environment. Setting "Compliance" as the basis of our corporate activities, we will pursue the preservation of the global environment voluntarily and continuously.

Activity policy
  1. 1.In the development of products, we will keep in mind how they will affect the environment.
  2. 2.Taking life cycle into consideration, we will strive to save resources and energy and to reduce greenhouse gas.
  3. 3.We will endeavor to reduce industrial waste and to promote recycling in order to use sustainable resources.
  4. 4.Taking biodiversity into consideration, we will make continual efforts to improve environmental effects and prevent pollution.
  5. 5.We will comply with regulations and other requirements to which a corporate subscribes. (Other requirements such as industry guidelines related to the environment.)
  6. 6.Through management review, we will set environmental objectives and a target, review them at appropriate intervals, and strive to improve environmental performance continuously.

1st April, 2017
Tetsuji Tsuru, President and CEO
Eagle Industry Co., Ltd.

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