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Fuel Cell Solenoid Valve

for Automotive Fuel Cell

  • Regulates the pressure of hydrogen gas supplied form tank to fuel cells.
  • Controls the downstream pressure (supply pressure) according to the input current.


Without any sliding component, fuel cell valves incorporating a metal bellows offer low friction and low leakage.

By equalizing the pressurized areas of the valve and bellows, the effects of upstream pressure fluctuations are cancelled.

Solenoid thrust characteristics are optimally designed to reduce the effects of downstream gas usage (flow rate) fluctuations.

Consequently, this fuel cell valve is highly stable and responsive due to a structure that enables the controlled downstream pressure and solenoid thrust to be in balance when controlled.

Product specification example

Supply voltage 12 V DC
Current control system PWM
Consumption current 0 to 1.5 A
Upstream pressure 1.6 MPa max.

Downstream pressure

(controlled pressure)

0 to upstream pressure
Maximum flow rate

1000 NL/min (hydrogen gas)

* At 1 MPa upstream pressure and 50 kPa differential pressure

Leakage rate Less than 10 mL/h

Note: The above figures show some examples. Contact us when you are considering making a purchase.


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