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for Water Pump

  • EH795(一体型コンパクト型)
  • EH790(分離型)
  • Capable for high-speed rotation.
  • Mass-production by fully automated assembling lines and supplied to water pump makers worldwide.
  • By its unitized design, EH795 supports easy installation into customer application.


These seals are suitable for high-speed rotation due to its simple and compact construction.

The materials of the seal face are Eagle Industry’s proprietary carbon components and SiC which provides high resistance to heat, wear and corrosion.

These seals are manufactured by full automated assembling lines at our global production sites, and has high market share in worldwide specifically in the category of seals for automotive water pumps. These seals are also suitable for industrial pumps.

EH795: The rotating and stationary components are unitized with the stamped sleeve, providing ease of installation as well as high reliability by protecting sliding surfaces.

Product specification example

Sealed fluid Water, Coolant, etc.
Temperature -20ºC to 110ºC (120ºC max.)
Maximum circumferential  velocity 12 m/s
Pressure -67 kPa to 0.3 MPaG
Shaft diameter Up to 30 mm

Note: Above shows typical conditions, please contact us with your specific requirements.


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