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Bladder Type Accumulator

  • ATタイプ
  • ALタイプ
  • These standard bladder accumulators are manufactured based on years of experience and proven performance.
  • Bladders are replaceable and available in various sizes up to large-volume ones.
  • Their extensive applications include general industrial machineries, construction machineries, power plants and chemical plants.


The maximum available gas volume is 160 L.

Bladders made of rubber offer excellent tension fatigue resistance and very low gas permeability.
The Ultrahigh Flow (UH) series is adapted to a maximum discharge flow rate of 4,800 L/min.
Can be arranged to conform to the High Pressure Gas Safety Low (Japan), ASME U Stamp (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), CE Marking (European Pressure Equipment Directive) and Regulation for Boiler and Pressure Vessel Manufacture Licensing (China).

Various liquid-end joints (bushings and flanges), accumulator main valves, gas control valves, and charging assemblies are available.

We provide maintenance and support services for our customers for peace of mind after purchasing our products.

* Some models are exempt from the requirements of laws and regulations or not designed by us to meet those requirements.

Product specification example

AL: With this type, the bladder is replaceable only from the fluid side (the accumulator needs to be removed).

AT: This type enables the bladder to be replaced either from the gas or liquid end (with the accumulator installed).

Type Max. Working Pressure (MPa) Nominal Gas Volume (L)
AL 14.7 1 2.4 4 5
29.4 1 2.4 4 5
AT 16 10 20 30 50
20.6 30 40 50 60 80 120 150 160
22.6 10 20 30 50
34.3 10 20 30


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