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Hydraulic Energy Regeneration System

・New energy-saving system
・Reduces fuel consumption by recovering/regenerating hydraulic oil
・Effective use for power assist/electric generation circuits
・Contributes to CO2 reduction/carbon neutrality/anti-global warming
・Hydraulic Booster rises the oil pressure for highly energy regeneration
・Simple configuration and low energy conversion loss
・Utilized for Excavators, Forklifts, Tractors, Wheel Loaders, etc.
・Hybrid control with hydraulic and electric


HyBEKSTER is an energy regeneration system that uses a hydraulic booster to convert part of the return oil from the hydraulic actuator to high pressure and stored it in the accumulator for reuse.
The stored high pressure oil can be used for heavy load actuators.

【Main components 】
 Flow Divider Valve:Appropriate volume of return oil from the cylinder is put into the hydraulic booster in
           pressure-compensated state without affecting the lowering speed of the cylinder.
 Hydraulic Booster:The reciprocating motion of the piston by the self-pressure of the input fluid converts the
return oil into a high pressure.
 Regeneration Valve:A non-leak type valve with a built-in check valve variably regenerates the required
volume of high-pressure oil stored in the accumulator into the main circuit when it is

There are various ways to utilize it, but for energy-saving, fuel consumption can be improved by reducing the output of the hydraulic pump when regenerating the high-pressure oil stored in the accumulator.

Product specification example

・Flow Divider Valve, Hydraulic Booster, and Regeneration Valve are available in mini, small, medium, and large sizes,
    can be optimally combined according to application, size, and efficiency.
・Hydraulic Booster can be integrated with the accumulator or separate, and can be optimally arranged according 
    to the vehicle and equipment space.

Application Class Hydraulic Booster Lineup
Large Middle Small Mini.
app. qty app. qty app. qty app. qty
Excavator Machine
20-25ton 2            
12-19ton     1-2        
 6-11ton         1-2    
 5 or less             1
Wheel Loader Bucket
3㎥ 1* 1*        
1.6–2.5㎥     2        
0.9–1.3㎥     1        
0.4–0.6㎥         1    
Forklift Loading
18–23ton 2            
 8–16ton     1-2        
6–7ton         1    
  5 or less             1
Agric. Tractor
with loader
80 or more 1            
60–75kw     1        
40–60kw         1    
30 or less             1

*Class 3㎥ of wheel loaders require to use of both large and medium size hydraulic booster (two in total).


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