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  • Rotating-shaft seal designed exclusively for refrigerator compressors
  • Helps eliminate CFC leakage causing global warming
  • Sliding materials made of special cast iron and carbon components suitable for CFCs and refrigerator oil
  • No specific direction of rotation, requiring no anti-rotation mechanisms
  • Compensates for eccentricity and misalignment


The face materials of this mechanical seal for refrigerators are made of special cast iron and carbon components suitable for CFCs and refrigerator oil. Two face materials perpendicular to the axis seal the fluid.

Highly smooth flat sliding surfaces maintain sealing performance stably up to a relatively high amount of wear. Consequently, this mechanical seal can be operated without maintenance for a long period of time and are extremely effective, efficient, reliable and economical.

In the packing-driven system used to drive the rotating ring, the seal is clamped to the shaft by the tightening force of the packing.

Thus the seal works independently of the direction of rotation and requires no anti-rotation mechanism. This makes the machining of the shaft simple and reduces the cost. Moreover, bellows provided on the packing is highly effective in compensating for eccentricity and misalignment, as well as for sealing the fluid.

Product specification example

Sealed fluid CFC + Refrigerator oil
Temperature -30 to 100ºC
Maximum circumferential  velocity 10 m/s
Pressure -67 kPa to 1 MPaG
Shaft diameter 20 to 70 mm

Note: The above figures indicate the best conditions in individual cases and may differ according to the seal size. Contact us before use.


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