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ATHF®, Low Torque Mechanical Seal

for Submerged Power Generator

  • Suitable for submerged/underwater applications such as tidal energy systems.
  • Brings two contraries together: extremely low torque and superior sealing performance.
  • Reduces torque by more than 90% compared to the conventional mechanical seal.
  • Applicable for bi-directional rotation.


With surface texturing technology, this seal provides both low torque and superior sealing performance across the wide speed range, even under demanding conditions with the power generator submerged in water.

Its reduced torque contributes to higher efficiency of the power generator, while EKK’s original SiC sliding surface material provides excellent resistance against heat, wear and corrosion.

EKK can customize the seal design for optimal performance based on application-specific requirements.

Product specification example

Sealed Fluid Fresh or sea water
Maximum Rotational Speed 320 rpm
Shaft Diameter φ55 mm
Maximum Surface Speed 1.07 m/s
Temperature Range 0℃ ~ 100℃
Pressure Range 0 ~ 0.1 MPaG

Note: Above shows typical conditions, please contact us with your specific requirements.


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