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Investor Relations


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When was the Company established?
The Company was originally the mechanical seal division of NOK Corporation, which was spun off on October 1, 1964. The corporate name became Eagle Industry Co., Ltd. in 1978.
What are mechanical seals?
Sealing devices attached to the shafts of rotating machines, including pumps and compressors, are collectively called mechanical seals. Sealing means closing. Mechanical seals prevent oil inside the machine from leaking and stop extraneous substances from the outside environment getting into the machine. For details, please refer to the "About Mechanical Seals" page.
Tell me about your businesses.
Our businesses are classified into four categories: the business for the automotive and construction machinery industries, the business for the general industry, the business for the marine industry, and the business for the aerospace industry. For details, please refer to the Our Businesses page.
Tell me about NOK Corporation, the major shareholder.
NOK Corporation is a comprehensive parts manufacturer that manufactures and sells seal products, including oil seals primarily for automobiles, flexible circuits used in electronic devices such as mobile phones, and roll products for office equipment. We operate in collaboration with NOK Corporation.

About Management

Tell me about the network of Group companies.
The EKK Group operates globally with about 100 Group companies in 44 countries. For details, please refer to the Locations page.

About Shares

What is the number of shares per unit?

About Our Financial Results

Do you hold results briefings?
We hold results briefings for institutional investors and analysts twice a year (for full-year results and interim results). Please refer to Results Briefing Materials, which were used in results briefings.
Do you hold results briefings for individual investors?
No, we don't.
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