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EKK Technologies

Measurement and analysis techniques

Eagle Industry works on product development, making the optimal use of our proprietary measurement and analysis technologies.

Shown below are some examples.

  • Analysis technology: Thermal and structural analyses of mechanical seal face materials
  • Measurement technology: Micro-torque testing of small shaft seals and rotation and visualization testing of large shaft seals

Thermal and structural analyses of mechanical seal face materials

Rendered image of thermal and structural analysis of mechanical seal face materials
Rendered image of thermal and structural analysis of mechanical seal face materials

Using numerical analyses as well as experiments, it becomes possible to predict potential phenomena through prior simulation and to reduce the man-hours required for experiments. It also becomes possible to learn phenomena that are difficult to elucidate through experimentation.

Moreover, application of numerical calculation to experiment results enables theoretical assessment, supplementing the experiment results and helping to develop products with improved reliability. In addition to thermal and structural analyses, Eagle Industry conducts thermal fluid and vibration/shock analyses.

Micro-torque testing of small shaft seals

Micro-torque tester for small shaft seals
Micro-torque tester for small shaft seals

In recent years, demand has been high for mechanical seals with extremely low friction, while maintaining sealing performance to improve the performance and efficiency of rotating machines. Eagle Industry is working on the research and development of products, pursuing friction reduction.

To facilitate research and development, measuring instruments are required for performance assessment. We have installed our original rotary testing machine for torque measurement, which has the following features.

  • Heating and pressurization capability
    → Enables torque measurement in an environment approximating actual operating conditions.
  • Torques are measured in two systems on the vessel side and shaft side.
    → Improved numerical reliability
  • An air spindle system is used on the vessel and the shaft rotation support.
    → Sections that affect torque values are excluded as much as possible to improve numerical reliability.

These features enable reliable product assessment, which is drawn on in the product development process.

Large shaft seal rotation test

Large shaft seal rotary testing machine
Large shaft seal rotary testing machine

There is an increasing demand for improved power generation efficiency at thermal power plants and other facilities that have large rotating equipment, in order to save energy resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Among others, shaft seal products have direct effects on that efficiency in terms of leakage reduction, high-load operation and long service life.

Eagle Industry is working on research and development every day for higher sealing performance, using the Company's proprietary rotary testing machine to acquire shaft seal torque data and ascertain shaft seal behaviors under a test environment.

The features of this testing machine are
  • Production of high rotational speeds and pressures to enable the operator to conduct tests simulating an actual machine environment.
  • Simulation of shaft eccentricity.
  • Enablement of the operator to test large-diameter shafts (max. shaft diameter: 350 mm).

Visualization test

We have fabricated a testing machine to visualize face materials for direct observation to ascertain the functions of mechanical seals. In addition, laser induced fluorometry enables the measurement of fluid film thickness distribution on face materials.

These techniques enable the operator to visually check and verify phenomena on face materials and consequently to build expertise in seal manufacturing.

Visualization tester outline
Visualization tester outline
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