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Shock Absorber
Solenoid Valves



- Solenoid valves for hydraulic control of variable shock absorbers used in semi-active suspension systems
- Regulates the damping force of shock absorbers to provide both vehicle attitude stability and riding comfort.


These solenoid valves perform continuous variable control of the damping force of shock absorbers in order to provide both driving stability and riding comfort.


They achieve the optimum control of the shock absorber damping force for each wheel in units of several milliseconds using the driving speed, steering wheel turning angle, acceleration/deceleration, and road surface conditions as input parameters.


In the event of electrical system abnormality resulting in variable control failure, the fail safe mechanism maintains the normal damping force.


With this system onboard, the driver can enjoy a high level of maneuverability while feeling excellent riding comfort.

Product specification example

Temperature -40 to 120ºC
Flow rate 0 to 40 L/min
Pressure 0 to 20 MPa
Rated voltage 12 V
Current range 0 to 1.6 A
Operation endurance 10^7 cycles
Vibration resistance (random vibration) RMS 10 G in all three directions

Note: The above figures show some examples. Contact us when you are considering making a purchase.

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