Lip Seal
for electric A/C compressor



- Low friction shaft seal for automotive electric compressor.
- Contributes to maintaining optimal internal pressure of electric compressor.
- Rubber and PTFE optimized for refrigerant and compressor oil.


For decades, we have supplied our seal for conventional automotive compressor globally. We have developed this shaft seal for electric compressor by utilizing our expertise in material technology and mature configuration specialized for automotive compressor.


Material of both rubber part and PTFE sealing lip are optimized for refrigerant and oil.

With optimal sealing performance for electric compressor secured, PTFE lip contributes to higher efficiency of electric compressor by its low friction brought by proprietary material, ideal thickness and configuration. 

Product specification example

Sealed fluid R134a/R1234yf & Compressor oil
Operating Temperature -40 till 150℃
Fluid Pressure Range Max. 0.7MPa (differential pressure)
Shaft Diameter

20 - 25mm

Bore Diameter 30 - 36.6mm

Note: The above figures indicate the best conditions in individual cases and may differ according to the seal size. Contact us before use.

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