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Lip Seal
for A/C compressors



- Rotating shaft seals exclusively designed for car air-conditioning compressors
- Eagle Industry's original design featuring compactness and high reliability
- Helps eliminate CFC leakage causing global warming
- Made of rubber suitable for sealing CFCs and refrigerator oil
- Mass-production by full automated assembling lines and supplied to compressor makers worldwide


Sealed fluid R134a/R1234yf & Compressor oil
Operating Temperature -40 to 150ºC
Maximum circumferential  velocity 8 m/s (approx. 10,000 rpm)
Fluid Pressure Range

When rotating (ON): 0 to 0.7 MPaG

When stationary (OFF): -760 mmHg to 3 MPaG

Shaft diameter 12.7 to 20 mm

Note: The above figures indicate the best conditions in individual cases and may differ according to the seal size. Contact us before use.

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