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  • Micro-sized 3-ply bellows (cross-section)

Bellows Products



- Items manufactured using bellows technology for various automotive equipment
- Assembly technology that features Eagle Industry's proprietary bulge engineering and thin sheet welding suitable for mass production


These products manufactured through Eagle Industry's years of experience in welding and thin sheet machining technologies are suitable for various equipment. They are the optimum choice for automotive components that must be highly pressure-resistant and durable.   Application Examples - Sections of fuel and hydraulic systems that require high pressure resistance and durability Seals in reciprocating sections of direct-injection fuel pumps and high-pressure fuel injectors - Absorption of pressure fluctuations and heat shrinkage Heat-shrinkable sections of heat exchangers and sensor elements - Items that contain molded bellows Pressure sensing section of pressure control valves and flow sensing section of flow control valves

Product specification example

Pressure Covers a broad range from low to high pressures. 40 MPa max. if a multilayer bellows is used.
Dimensions: outside diameter (OD) thickness (T) (mm) OD: from 6 and up T: from 0.06 and up
Note: The above figures show some examples. Contact us when you are considering making a purchase.

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