Lip Seal
for electric water pump



- For automotive electric water pump.
- Small and light weighted. Assembled without using adhesive.
- Surface (case) hardening of shaft can be eliminated by sleeve integrated design.


Lip seal designed specifically for small diameter shaft of electric water pump with electric motor separated in atmosphere side (not canned motor pump).


Sealing lips are made from proprietary rubber and PTFE developed by EKK with excellent heat and wear resistant. 


Superior robustness achieved by stamped sleeve integrated as the counterpart of sealing lips.

Besides, the sleeve provides ease of installation on the shaft.

Product specification example

Sealed Fluid Coolant
Operating Temperature -20℃ till 120℃
Maximum Rotational Speed 10,000rpm
Max. Fluid Pressure Max. 0.5 MPaG
Shaft diameter 8mm
Bore diameter 16mm

Note: Above shows typical conditions, please contact us with your specific requirements.

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