Seal for extreme speed



・Brings two contraries together across all speed ranges: extremely low torque and superior sealing performance.
・For extremely high rotational speed applications for automotive.


This seal is designed for extremely high rotational speed.

The seal's textured sliding surface provides extremely low torque across the entire speed range, while ensuring superior sealing performance.
Its non-contact sealing under rotation reduces sliding surface wear and enables high speed capability.

EKK can customize the seal design for optimal performance based on application-specific requirements.

Product specification example

Seal Type Extremely high speed applications for automotive use
Sealed Fluid Oil-based fluid
Maximum Rotational Speed 300,000 rpm
Shaft Diameter φ6 mm
Maximum Surface Speed 217m/sec
Temperature Range -15 ℃~150 ℃
Pressure Range -0.015 MPaG ~ 0.3 MPaG

Note: Above shows typical conditions, please contact us with your specific requirements.

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