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Diaphragm Type
Accumulators (Construction Machinery)



-Lightweight and small-volume spherical diaphragm type accumulators
-Widely used in general industrial machineries, construction machineries, power plants, chemical plants and automobiles.


The body, being spherical in shape and welded, is thin-walled.
The diaphragm with a small surface area and increased thickness exhibits improved performance in gas retentivity.

The MUV series incorporates a plastic laminated diaphragm produced by polymer materials and machining technologies. This diaphragm greatly improves the accumulator's performance in gas retentivity.

Select these accumulators to meet your needs to make your systems long-life and maintenance-free.

Product specification example

MU: spherical accumulator with rubber diaphragm

MUV: spherical accumulator with rubber-resin layered diaphragm.  Long-life type retaining at least 10 times as much gas as the MU type.



Type Max. Working Pressure (MPa) Nominal Gas  Volume (cm3)
MU 6.86 300 500
14.7 700
MUV 6.86 150 500

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Product name:Diaphragm Type
Accumulators (Construction Machinery)

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