CVT 3-port (Linear)+

  • CVT 3-port (Linear)
  • AT 2-port Solenoid Valve (Linear)
  • AT 2-port Solenoid Valve (Duty)

AT/CVT Solenoid Valves



- Solenoid valves for hydraulic control of automatic transmissions and continuously variable transmissions (CVT)
- Improves fuel consumption by making the transmission multi-stage or non-stage.
- The lineup includes three types: linear, on-off, and duty-cycle controlled.


These solenoid valves are lightweight and compact due to an integrally molded connector, bobbin and valve seat made of plastic.
A superb rubber damper used in the valve section reduces operating noise. (Duty-cycle controlled)


Bleed valves offer optimum valve sensitivity and highly stable control pressure by selecting a spool or poppet system according to valve specification requirements. (Linear 2-port valve)


The linear three-way valve performs stable high-pressure control by adopting a spool system and Eagle Industry's proprietary movable part damping structure. (Linear 3-port valve)

Product specification example

Voltage 12 V
Temperature -40 to 150°C
Coil resistance

On-off:14 to 18 Ω

Duty-cycle:11 to 13 Ω

Linear:4 to 7 Ω

Control pressure

On-off, Duty-cycle(2-port):0.4 to 0.6 MPa

Linear(3-port):1 to 2 MPa

Flow rate

2-port (On-off, Duty-cycle, Linear):0.8 L/min (at 0.04 MPa)

3-port (Linear):5 L/min (at 0.7 MPa)

Gross weight

2-port (On-off, Duty-cycle, Linear):80 to 100 g

3-port (Linear):160 g

Vibration durability 100 to 250 m/sˆ2 for 10ˆ7 cycles
Thermal shock durability -40 & 165°C for 50 to 500 cycles
High-temperature operation endurance

On-off:120ºC for 10^6 cycles

Duty-cycle:120ºC for 3 ×10^8 cycles

Linear:120ºC for 4000 h

Note: The above figures show some examples. Contact us when you are considering making a purchase.

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